Here's what Google's secret car company is called - Fortune

The LLC can be outlined as the producer of most 23 of Google's self-driving Lexus cars, and has been used to submit an application for every car's vehicle identification number (VIN).

The media provides created countless words with regards to Google's self-driving automobile project pertaining to years, and the organization even publicly shown any prototype last year.

The company registered Google Auto LLC, inside 2011 if this switched through making use of Toyota Prius cars to become able to Lexus SUVs, according to documents obtained simply by The Particular Guardian. The Actual company's Lexus cars were just lately involved in crashes.

. along with abroad -- as well as was even licensed this past year an automaker within California -- Google mentioned within January which it will be searching for established automakers as manufacturing partners. Yet couple of knew until Monday which Google created the limited liability business to become able to legally operate your project.

While Google Auto can be registered as a passenger vehicle maker within the U.S. Google hasn't named any such partners yet, however.

Presumably, Google chose to sign up the subsidiary to protect itself -- along with its financial assets -- in the case of trouble

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